ReStart Vermont Technical Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions for Technical Assistance Providers

What is the current status of ReVTA funding?

The ReVTA program is funded with $1.2M to be paid as grants to TA providers in support of Vermont businesses impacted by COVID.  ReVTA began accepting business applications September 21, 2020.  As of October 1, 2020, the total number of approved statewide business applications has the potential to fully deplete the available funding for this program.



1.     It takes less than 10 minutes to submit your application.

2.     The total funding is for statewide distribution with regional minimum goals, but your region may still have uncommitted funds available.

3.     We are advocating for increased funding under the budget recently approved by the VT legislature in order to continue this program. 

4.     Each submission will be date and time stamped, so reserve your space in line for these, or future funding opportunities now - remember, it takes less than 10 minutes.

5.     Unmet need (# businesses, types of need and dollars needed)  that is identified now will help shape future programs should additional federal and state funding become available.


What should I expect if I apply today?

 ·      All applications received after October 1, 2020 will be placed in a queue based on date and time of submission- those regions with remaining funds will get you right into the program. 

·      You will receive a confirmation email from your regional navigator confirming receipt of your intake form.  Your status will remain as submitted, not-yet- approved.  Should funding remain available for your region or become available at a later date, your navigator will contact you to begin developing your project.

How can a business participate in the program as a technical assistance provider?

Any for-profit or non-profit technical assistance (TA) provider seeking to participate in the program should register on this website. Once the service provider’s registration and eligibility are confirmed, they will be added to the Technical Assistance Network registry. 

How do I secure clients? 

Contracts with clients in the program are not guaranteed. The registry will be available to both businesses and Recovery Navigators at each of the Regional Development Corporations (RDCs). A scope of work (SOW) will be executed after a client and Navigator select a technical assistance provider and a SOW is mutually agreed to by all three parties.


How will TA providers be paid?

TA providers must complete the project outlined in the SOW. Once the client business and Recovery Navigator confirm completion of the SOW, the TA provider will receive payment for services rendered from the ReVTA program’s fiscal agent.


Can TA providers work with more than one client?

Yes. TA providers may provide services to more than one business client at once as long as the provider has sufficient capacity.


Can a TA provider work with clients outside of the provider’s geographic area?

Yes. When providers register they will indicate which regions in Vermont they can serve. 


What is the timeline for this project?

The program closes December 4, 2020. This means the SOW must be executed before this time and final documentation received by the fiscal agent, in order for payment to be issued.


Is TA provider information publicly available?

Only the company name, address, and value of the assistance provided will be public. Other information collected will be used only in the aggregate to report program results to the Agency of Commerce and the Vermont Legislature.

Are TA providers required to have business insurance to participate in this program?

No, business insurance is not required for this program. Providers must be in compliance with workers compensation laws.

What address should I use for the W9 "requester's name and address?

BDCC, 76 Cotton Mill Hill, Brattleboro, VT 05301