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Vermont Professionals of Color Network’s BIPOC Small Business Assessment Survey Launches

Burlington, Vermont: Vermont Professionals of Color Network (VT PoC) announced today the launch of their new survey to assess the needs of small businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in Vermont.

As part of a national initiative introduced by President Biden and Vice President Harris, Vermont Professionals of Color Network and the Main Street Alliance are thrilled to partner with Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) as they begin to engage in the  Small Business Administration’s Community Navigator Pilot Program. In service of this program and small business needs, Main Street Alliance and the Vermont Professionals of Color Network seek to further understand what is working well for small businesses and what gaps still exist. We seek to connect with Vermont’s BIPOC, women, veteran and rural owned businesses, and those who have yet to access resources from regional and state-based programming. By listening deeply and centering the small business voice, VT PoC and Main Street Alliance hope to influence transformative change in Vermont to make for a more equitable and accessible small business economy.

You can read more about CNPP or register for a listening session here. BIPOC small business owners can take the survey at this link. For more information on VT PoC, head to

“Up to this point, there is little information about the complexities of operating as a BIPOC business owner in this state,” said Weiwei Wang, Director of Operations and Development at Vermont Professionals of Color Network. “This project is giving us the capacity to give voice to BIPOC owned micro- and small-businesses across the state so that our community can continue to prosper–both economically and socially.”

The Vermont Professionals of Color Network is the hub that connects BIPOC professionals across the state. What began as a simple idea of creating community amongst BIPOC professionals in Vermont has turned into a statewide network that serves BIPOC at all levels, from students entering the workforce to experienced professionals and executives. Media inquiries can be addressed to Charlotte Graf, Communications and Outreach Manager via

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