The Restart Vermont Technical Assistance Program

When COVID-19 hit, to relieve pressure on businesses and organizations in Vermont, the RDCs of Vermont launched the Restart Vermont Technical Assistance Program (ReVTA). This original program was designed to deliver critically important technical assistance to hundreds of businesses and organizations trying to adapt to new practices, retrofit their physical spaces, and access new technology.

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# of Women-owned biz

Total employees supported



Biz with owners born outside the U.S.


Biz owned by a person with a disability


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Businesses that received assistance


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Veteran-owned biz

We will be in a better position in 2021 than pre-pandemic... the TA program helped me do things I simply could not do on my own... a very successful program and a good use of State funds. I encourage its return, because I think it can help a lot of people.

Brian Mooney, President, Storymatic

ReVTA Client


 Working as a vendor with the ReVTA program was an amazing experience and outcome for Eternity. The navigators were friendly and helpful every step of the way. While our business was already seeing growth due to the pandemic, this allowed us to work with many existing and several new clients that [would otherwise] not have that extra budget to engage with us. And this enabled us to fast-track those projects. Many of the projects have also now turned into recurring revenue streams past the completed project, so it will continue to bear fruit for the future!

Mike Lannen, Eternity Marketing

ReVTA Vendor


The 12 Vermont Regional Development Corporations (RDCs) are satellites of the State of Vermont Department of Economic Development (DED) and serve every region. Each RDC works to deliver technical assistance to develop and strengthen businesses, lead workforce development initiatives, and support employment. The RDCs are the local contact for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking assistance. RDCs either provide services directly or connect businesses to services available through their networks and partnerships with local, state, and federal programs and resources.

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