As of 5:00pm November 2, businesses may no longer apply for client status. Vendors may still apply.

Restart Vermont Technical Assistance (ReVTA)

The ReVTA program is funded with $1.2 M to be paid as grants to TA providers in support of Vermont businesses impacted by COVID.  ReVTA began accepting business applications September 21, 2020.  As of October 1, 2020, the total number of approved statewide business applications has the potential to fully deplete the available funding for this program.


HOWEVER, we are still strongly encouraging businesses to apply at this time and here is why:


1.     It takes less than 10 minutes to submit your application.

2.     The total funding is for statewide distribution with regional minimum goals. Your region may still have uncommitted funds available.

3.     We are advocating for increased funding under the budget recently approved by the VT legislature in order to continue this program. 

4.     Each submission will be date and time stamped, so reserve your space in line for these, or future funding opportunities now - remember, it takes less than 10 minutes.

5.     Unmet need (# businesses, types of need and dollars needed)  that is identified now will help shape future programs should additional federal and state funding become available. Navigators can also help connect you to additional state support programs and general business assistance programs.

What is the Restart Vermont Technical Assistance Program? 

The Vermont Legislature allocated $2.5 million of federal CARES Act funding for small business technical support in Act 137. On September 18, 2020, Governor Scott and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development announced that the RDCs of Vermont would be tasked with deploying $1,400,000 in technical assistance funding for small businesses across the state under the Restart Vermont Technical Assistance Program (ReVTA).


The funding for the ReVTA program is aimed at assisting Vermont businesses and non-profits who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. .  To be eligible you must be a Vermont entity conducting activities in Vermont. You may be asked to demonstrate that you operate out of a Vermont property, pay employees who conduct work with Vermont, or have sales and customers in Vermont.


The Regional Development Corporations of Vermont have created Recovery Navigator positions in each region of the state. The Navigators will engage one-on-one with businesses impacted by the pandemic to discern a recovery solution and identify an appropriate technical assistance provider from a network of for-profit and non-profit service providers. Once a recovery path has been determined, the regional Navigator will help connect the business with an appropriate TA provider and together they will develop a Scope of Work. 


Once the work is completed, the technical assistance provider will be paid by the grant program. All activities within the Scope of Work must be completed by December 4, 2020. Average TA award is expected to be $3,000.


What is Technical Assistance?  

ReVTA allows for a collaborative approach between the business and their Navigator in order to determine what technical assistance project will provide enduring value helping a business to overcome negative impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Technical assistance (TA) is the process of providing targeted support to an organization with a development need or problem.  It is commonly referred to as consulting.  TA is one of the most effective methods for building the capacity of an organization for example; sharing information and expertise, instructions, skills, training, transmission of knowledge, and technical expertise. 


What could constitute TA Per Section 6 (b) (2) of H. 966 of the 2020 Vermont Legislative Session includes assistance and education with:  

  • Business operations, financial management, and grant writing;

  • Digital strategies;

  • Architecture and Physical Space Design; 

  • Reconfiguring manufacturing equipment and processes and incorporating safety measures; 

  • Technology and Software Consulting; and 

  • Legal and Other Professional Services.   


What would not constitute TA is:  

  • Construction and/or Renovation Projects 

  • Working Capital Needs and/or payment for Equipment, Materials or Supplies 

  • Advertising such as print, voice, digital, etc.  


The TA provided under this program will allow a business to make significant changes to their business to overcome the impacts of COVID-19.  As an example, a proposal might include free online retail platforms for businesses to expand their ability to sell goods during a stay home order, consulting services to a restaurant on how to redesign a kitchen or dining area for safe operations or increase the profitability of take-out service, marketing assistance to reach new customers, or new product development work to broaden a company’s viability during the crisis. 

What businesses are eligible to receive technical assistance?

The funding for the ReVTA program is aimed at assisting Vermont businesses and non-profits.  To be eligible you must be a Vermont entity conducting activities in Vermont.  You may be asked to demonstrate that you operate out of a Vermont property, pay employees who conduct work with Vermont, or have sales and customers in Vermont. Any Vermont-domiciled business impacted by COVID-19, with a recovery path that can be advanced through professional technical assistance, is eligible. Non-profit employers may apply under this program with requirements similar to for-profit applicants.


How does a business participate in the program?

Any for-profit or non-profit business seeking a technical assistance solution to COVID-19 impacts may find more detail on this website. Completed registrations are shared to regional Navigators who will follow up with the business.


How do technical assistance providers participate in the program?

Technical assistance providers must register as vendors. Any for-profit or non-profit technical assistance provider seeking to participate may find more detail and register on this website. A complete vendor registry will be maintained and made available through this web site.


How to Participate

For Technical Assistance Vendors

Are you a technical assistance vendor that would like to provide support to businesses recently impacted by the coronavirus?



The 12 Vermont Regional Development Corporations (RDCs) are satellites of the State of Vermont Department of Economic Development (DED) and serve every region. Each RDC works to deliver technical assistance to develop and strengthen businesses, lead workforce development initiatives, and support employment. The RDCs are the local contact for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking assistance. RDCs either provide services directly or connect businesses to services available through their networks and partnerships with local, state, and federal programs and resources.

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