CNPP Technical Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

3/18/22 Update:

Due to a large number of submissions for technical assistance and limited funding, our open application period has ended. Additional opportunities may be available to business owners who qualify as low-to-moderate income (check your eligibility and see 'Should I Apply' below).

Preparing to Submit Your Application

This program is first-come, first-served, so you'll want to reserve your space in line early by being prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Owner's household income (More details on calculating that HERE)

  2. Your business's gross revenue, net income, and the number of full-time employees for 2019 - 2021

  3. A general idea of the kind of technical assistance your business needs - Take a look at the list of registered vendors to get a sense for the kind of services that are being offered.

Should I apply?

  1. Is your business a for-profit entity established and registered with the VT Secretary of State as of 3/15/2020?

  2. Does your business have an average of at least $5000 in gross annual revenue from 2019 - 2021?

  3. Does your household income qualify you (see above 'Check Eligibility')

  4. If yes to the three questions above, email for a link to apply.

Please note that the following businesses are not eligible to participate in this program:

  1. cannabis-related businesses

  2. businesses owned by persons under age 18

  3. businesses that are franchises or chains

  4. weapons/firearms dealers

  5. lobbyists

  6. persons operating as independent consultants/contractors and providing services to a single entity


What should I expect if I apply today?

All applications received will be placed in a queue based on date and time of submission and will be reviewed in order of receipt. This is a state-wide program, and there are only two Navigators reviewing applications, so please be patient, applications will be processed as quickly as they can be.


You will receive a confirmation email from your regional navigator confirming receipt of your intake form. Your status will remain as submitted, not-yet-approved. Should funding remain available for your region or become available at a later date, your navigator will contact you to begin developing your project.

How can a business participate in the program as a client and receive technical assistance?

To be eligible you must be a Vermont entity conducting activities in Vermont. You may be asked to demonstrate that you operate out of a Vermont property, pay employees who conduct work in Vermont, or have sales and customers in Vermont. Any business that would like to explore a technical assistance solution may register at this website. Once the business registration is complete and eligibility is confirmed, the Navigator for the region in which the business is located will contact the business. The Navigator will discuss the best path towards recovery for the business and develop a potential Scope of Work (SOW) with the business owner. Together, a technical assistance (TA) provider will be selected from the Technical Assistance Network registry and a final SOW will be signed and the work implemented. 


What businesses are eligible?

Any for-profit Vermont entity that

  • was registered with the Vermont Secretary of State as of March 15th, 2020

  • has at least $5000 in average gross revenue for the years 2019-2021

  • has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and has a path to recovery that can be advanced with professional technical assistance


You may be asked to demonstrate that you operate out of a Vermont property, pay employees who conduct work in Vermont, or have sales and customers in Vermont. Special consideration will be given to businesses owned by disadvantaged groups such as veterans, women and those from rural communities.


What is the timeline for this program?

The program is opening in the first quarter of 2022. All scopes of work must be completed no later than six months from the date of execution to be eligible for payment. This means that applicants must outline the work needed, secure a TA provider, and execute that SOW timely.


Can a business that is closed participate in the program?

Yes. The business must certify that it has a plan to reopen and that the technical assistance will help the business advance its reopening plan.


How much technical assistance can this program provide?

The average Scope of Work between a business and its TA provider varies based on the business and the project, but applicants with approved projects will receive a minimum of $500 in technical assistance.


How does a business find a technical assistance provider?

Once a business has completed the registration process it will be contacted by a Navigator who will help the business identify an appropriate service provider. Through this program a registry of TA providers will be compiled and hosted at this website. New providers will be added on an ongoing basis.


Can a client business select their own technical assistance provider? 

Yes. If a client business has been working with a TA provider or knows of an appropriate provider that can deliver the TA required to advance the businesses recovery, that TA provider may be selected. However, the TA provider must become a registered vendor in the program through the form available on this website.


Is reporting by the client business required?

Yes. The client registration requires information about the business including name, address, contact, website, sales, profits/loss, employment, etc. Similar information, along with project results, will be requested after the project is completed.  


Is client information public?

Only the company name, address, and value of the TA provided will be public. Other information collected will be used only in the aggregate to report program results to the U.S, Small Business Administration (SBA), Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD), and Vermont Legislature. Individual information (while confidential) is shared with CNPP project partners for coordination of services.

Is the value of the technical assistance counted towards the “Duplication of Benefits calculation?