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CNPP Technical Assistance

Resources & FAQs for Technical Assistance Providers

Getting Registered as a TA Provider


Be prepared to provide the following information:​

  • Your business's DUNS Number (Register for a DUNS number for free HERE)

  • A completed W-9 form (Download and complete HERE)

  • Must have been a registered business with the Vermont Secretary of State prior to March 16, 2020.

How can a business participate in the program as a technical assistance provider?

Any for-profit or non-profit technical assistance (TA) provider seeking to participate in the program should register on this website. Once the service provider’s registration and eligibility are confirmed, they will be added to the Technical Assistance Network registry. 

How do I secure clients? 

Contracts with clients in the program are not guaranteed. The registry will be available to both the businesses and Navigator. This is a state-wide program, and there are only two Navigators working with businesses and TA providers, so please be patient, business applications will be processed as quickly as they can be. A scope of work (SOW) will be executed after a client and Navigator select a technical assistance provider and a SOW is mutually agreed to by all three parties.


How will TA providers be paid?

TA providers must complete the project outlined in the SOW. Once the client business and Navigator confirm completion of the SOW, the TA provider will receive payment for services rendered. All scopes of work must be completed no later than six months from the date of execution to be eligible for payment.


Can TA providers work with more than one client?

Yes. TA providers may provide services to more than one business client at once as long as the provider has sufficient capacity.


Can a TA provider work with clients outside of the provider’s geographic area?

Yes. When providers register, they will indicate which regions in Vermont they can serve. 


What is the timeline for this project?

The program is currently accepting applications, with projects to be completed by no later than 3/31/23.


Is TA provider information publicly available?

Only the company name, address, and value of the assistance provided will be public. Other information collected will be used only in the aggregate to report program results to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD), and Vermont Legislature. Individual information (while confidential) is shared with CNPP project partners for coordination of services.

Are TA providers required to have business insurance to participate in this program?

No, business insurance is not required for this program. Providers must comply with workers compensation laws.

What address should I use for the W9 "requester's name and address?

Leave this field blank as you could receive payment from either BDCC or CVEDC.

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